President's Profile

Born on 21st August, Doctor by profession, At present holding the post of Director- Consultant at Dr. O.P. Gupta Memorial Diagnostic Centre, Rohtak

  • Joined Inner wheel Club Rohtak in 1991-92
    • Served at all posts at Club level and bagged many awards as Best President, best secretary and other running trophies .Appreciation award from national polio Committee.
  • Elected to District post in 2000—01 as D.Editor  and served at all post of District to reach  the  highest post of District chairman -301 in  2006-07 
    • As District Chairman - first to launch Website of her DistrictD301
    • ----.first to host –ICI-Incoming Chairman“s Institute
    • ---Made 3 new Clubs, promoted Excursion trips.
  • 2007-08 Got elected as National treasurer for Association of IW Clubs in India, was vigilant on exchange rate to save lot of Association money.
  • Elected as National President for Association of Inner wheel Clubs in India in 2009-10,served till 2010-11,
  • Motivated Districts to form 53 new Clubs highest Record at that time.
  • Took large no approx 700 IW members to Sri Lanka for 2nd South Asia Rally and played key role in its arrangements.
  • 2013-14 Got elected as IIW Treasurer ----- first ever from India, devoted to her duty as IIW Treasurer, left a mark by continuing streamline of accounts & got, elected unopposed for the last two years in a row to serve till 2015-16.
  • Played a key role as Ex official for the XVI IIW Convention at Copenhagen 2015.
  • 2016-17- Got elected as IIWVP, first one from India to serve in continuity at IIW EC for two prime posts.
  •  Actively took part in Rotary activities, was awarded best supportive spouse by DG in 2000-01.
  • Life Member of IMA, FIAMS,MIMSA, UPCHAR, RED CROSS,,FLO. President Mahila Dakshita Samiti 1997-98,99,2000.
  • First woman to Start women wing of IMA Rohtak, which is functioning till date successfully.
  •  Was on the managing body of the Red Cross society, Rohtak, for many years.
  • Besides her knowledge of Allopathy, she has a keen interest in alternate therapies; has learnt Reiki; keen interest in Astrology and Art of Living. Religious by nature and believer of Karmic theory as well as fond of reading on these subjects, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Shiv Khera, Robin Sharma, are her favourite authors . 
  • She has travelled in the country  and worldwide  to South East Asia, USA, Europe & UAE several times and is fond of travelling, reading and is computer savvy.
  • Married to Rotarian P.P. Rakish Mohan Gupta, Active Rotarian, industrialist,  Blessed with two children, Elder son Karan, M.Tech, as senior software consultant, USA, married to Rashmi, MBA, blessed with two daughters.  
    • Daughter Neha  MBA ,PGDM,. Management Consultant   in Canada, Married to Vineet ,software consultant . Both are religious and brought up with high moral values.